Ross + McClatchey

Single Malt Whiskey

Tasting Notes: bold character with caramel and woody spice notes

Gate 11 is proud to announce – Ross + McClatchey Single Malt Whiskey – our first-ever release for a whiskey that we fermented, distilled and barrel-aged in-house.

Named after two great-grandfathers of our Founder and Distiller, Bill Lee, this unique whiskey has a bold, stand-alone aroma and taste that hearken back to the Scottish traditions of these early Tennessee settlers.

This deep-hued Season  One release of Ross + McClatchey uses a mash bill that is 83% malted barley and 17% rye. The spirits were barreled at 121 proof and aged for about two years in our boxcar barrelhouse.

Why a single malt whiskey? Simple answer is that we love single malt Scotch and Irish whiskies. Look for Ross + McClatchey Single Malt Whiskey to become one of our signature releases along with other whiskeys yet to come.

Available at our retail shop only, Ross + McClatchey comes in a 375 ml bottle with wax closure.

ABV: 44%

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